Hi there! Welcome to The Caribbean Gypsy!

My name is Kendace, I’m a mom to two wonderful kids (Fallon, 10 and Clay, 4). The great Sonoran Desert has been my home since I was born and recently I adopted a second home, Humacao, Puerto Rico.  I’m a happy hippie mama with a penchant for adventure, a love for yoga and life balance, and a great respect for all things on this earth.

I’m an indie maker by trade and I love small business and everything to do with it – sharing my art, seeing other’s work, and networking are all so important to me. I work primarily with leather and textiles to create one of a kind accessories and trendy active-wear.  I do my very best to source ethical materials, and go to great lengths to assure any product that reaches my storefront is made with quality and integrity.

I started this blog to connect with my fans and followers – I want to get to know you all, and share some of the behind the scenes bits of my day to day, and hopefully show you some really cool stuff!


Love and Light,


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