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February 10, 2015

Hey, you there!

Thanks so much for stopping in at my new blog! I want to give you an idea of who I am and what you can expect to read about here at The Caribbean Gypsy. First and foremost, I’m Kendace. An adventure loving, bi-coastal mama to two amazing kids who are experts at pushing their mom to the brink of sanity. I’m a maker of wonderful things, a yogini, and wearer of a million other hats that I can’t wait to share with the world. (Sometimes this is literal. Really. I LOVE me a good hat!) This is me! *waves* – I was born in Arizona and spent my formative years exploring the desert by way of horseback, kayak, and backpack. I love nature – all of it.


Family is so important to me, so you’ll see them from time to time as well! We travel a lot – I mentioned we are bicoastal. We spend part of our time in sunny Phoenix, AZ and the rest of our year in the sunny and rainy region of Humacao, Puerto Rico. Both amazing places – both beautiful in their own right. Both very much feel like home. My daughter is 10 and my son is turning 5 in March. My partner in crime is my adorable boyfriend. Here’s the whole gang on one of our trips to Old San Juan. If there’s one photo in my library that displays their personalities – this one hits the nail right smack on the proverbial head.


About twelve years ago I started working with leather. It is an obsession bred by necessity while working with horses. I made bridles, halters, saddle bags and many more items that I needed and didn’t always have immediate access to. When I moved back into the city and all of my horses found new homes, I hung up my tools for a while and started sewing again. Last summer, I found a way to bring those two worlds into one and join them with my own free spirited style. This buckskin purse is my best selling style from my Fall 2014 lineup.

DSC_2652 copy


At the beginning of January I debuted a line of active wear. I drafted each of the patterns and I had select the fabric combinations to create interesting and unique styles that are just as much “function” as they are “form”. Practicing yoga means I need something that moves with me, and not against me. Something close but not constricting, and comfortable. Here’s a little peek at one of those designs!


I have some awesome things to share and I really hope you will enjoy them. My intention is to post information about not only the products that I make (But there will be plenty of awesome behind the scenes stuff on that as well! ) but also about the things I am passionate about: Yoga, fitness, healthy cooking, traveling and adventures, DIYs and tutorials, and information about other awesome indie makers. I love networking, so please feel free to reach out and contact me about collaborations or just drop a note to introduce yourself! Don’t forget to subscribe, so you can join me on my blogging journey!

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    1. kendace Post author

      Sleep? That’s a thing? :p Caribbean Gypsy comes from my falling in love with the island of Puerto Rico, and my gypsy soul! Both have been a big part of my journey to this point so I felt it was appropriate 🙂


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